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Fast and Affordable Spray-on Chrome in Milwaukee

Chrome Any Surface You can Imagine

Plastic, fiberglass, steel, tin, stainless steel, aluminum, metal alloys, ceramic, concrete, tile or wood. Almost any surface imaginable.

Auto RestorationRestore your vintage car, truck or motorcycle's chrome to its original shine with our revolutionary spray-on chrome paint finish.

Furniture RestorationDon’t waste time or money on chrome electroplating. Our hydrochrome spray-on chrome system will have your furniture looking new again.

Custom & Metal ArtChoose a traditional chrome or custom colored chrome look. Let your art stand out and shine with a beautiful and durable chrome finish.

Custom ProductsWhatever your product our hydrochrome spray-on chrome paint system will give your product a brand new deep mirror chrome finish.

Get a Chrome or Custom Colored Chrome Finish Over any Material

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The Spray-on Chrome Process

The hydrochrome spray-on chrome system duplicates chrome using a mixture of 100% pure silver, de-ionized water and a high quality specially formulated 2K clear topcoat for UV ray protection. This revolutionary chrome formula can be applied directly over any surface, producing an amazing shine every time.

The hydrochrome system uses the latest advancements in chemical silvering technology. This results in a chemical reaction creating an instant bond between the pure silver and the material it's applied to. Giving your product a beautiful and timeless new chrome shine.

* Our chroming process includes a 1 year warranty against chipping, cracking or peeling.

  • revolutionary spray-on chrome paint system
  • the hydrochrome system uses silver nitrate chrome
  • The special chemical formula bonds to the applied surface, leaving a durable mirror finish
  • environmentally friendly using 98% water / 2% chemical
  • specially formulated protective 2K clear coat
  • protects the chrome from the effects of UV rays
  • prevents the chrome from fading, yellowing or tarnishing
  • amazing adhesion - no risk of chipping or peeling

Milwaukee's New Chrome Choice

Milwaukee now has a choice when it comes to their chroming needs. Great Lakes Chroming is now offering spray-on chroming. Using FutureChrome's hydrochrome spray-on chrome paint system allows us to chrome virtually any surface.

This three-layer, water-based process is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in chroming. Parts are prepped and sprayed with a black base coat and coated with a non-toxic chrome formula that applies so smoothly it doesn’t run. Finally, the parts are cleaned with water and a specially formulated 2K clear coat is applied for protection from the sun's UV rays.

Choose from a traditional chrome or a candy color chrome look. Available candy colors are black, blue, gold, red, and yellow. We use a colored transparent dye specifically formulated and blended directly into the high quality 2K clear topcoat. We can also mix the dyes for a custom color of your choice.

* Our chroming process includes a 1 year warranty against chipping, cracking or peeling.

  • Automotive Design / Customization
  • Fine Art / Contemporary / Conceptual / Pop
  • Retail Display / Cabinetry / Cosplay / Collectibles / Comic Statues
  • Architecture / Furniture / Interior Design
  • Athletics / Helmets / Face masks / Accessories
  • we can chrome plastic, fiberglass, steel, tin
  • stainless steel, aluminum, metal alloys, ceramic, concrete, tile, wood and more
  • we can chrome products from auto parts, hinges, cookware handles
  • fitness equipment, restaurant and bath accessories to garden tools, transportation, medical, office equipment and more
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From Restorations to Art to Custom Products You Can Chrome It!

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