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Get the stunning look of a chrome finish for your work of art

Spray-on chrome the beautiful finish your art deserves

Chrome metal, wood, concrete, plastic, fiberglass almost any material

A Chrome Finish

Milwuakee's Great Lakes Chroming uses FutureChrome’s innovative hydrochroming spray-on chrome paint system. Spray-on chrome is the perfect finishing touch for your new or restored work of art.

The Artists Choice

Whether your an artists, fabricator, sculptor or collector. Our revolutionary spray-on chrome finish is the perfect touch for new pieces or restoring antique pieces of art. Giving it a timeless and reflective sheen.

Spend Less Time & Save Money

Our hydrochrome spray system allows us to offer a full chrome coating on any surface of any size at an affordable price in half the time. Your metal sculpture or piece of art will have a classic look and shine.

Put the Finishing Touch on Your Work of Art with a Chrom Shine

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Spray-on chrome sculpture

A New Way to Chrome Your Art

Let your art shine with a beautiful and durable chrome finish

If you’re an artist or fabricator, getting access to the stunning look of a chrome finish used to be difficult. Don't rely on chrome electroplating - an expensive and time consuming endeavor.

Great Lakes Chroming is the only company in the Milwaukee and surrounding areas authorized to use the revolutionary hydrochrome spray-on chrome paint system from FutureChrome.

Our advanced spray-on chrome system will apply a beautiful chrome finish to nearly any metal, plastic, wood, or fiberglass surface no matter the shape or size.

Choose from traditional silver or candy colors blue, black, gold, red, yellow or a custom color. Your art will stand out with a custom chrome finish.

* Our chroming process includes a 1 year warranty against chipping, cracking or peeling.

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A Lasting Chrome Finish

Get a Deep Mirror Finish for Your Art Today

There’s no need for expensive or dangerous chemical baths used at chrome electroplating shops. Now you can get the same results faster and cheaper.

Great Lakes Chroming hydrochrome spary-on chrome paint system uses a special chemical formula that bonds to the surface, leaving a durable mirror finish. It is specially designed for durability, and is resistant to chipping, peeling, or tarnishing. Fast and affordable your new chrome look will shine.

* Our chroming process includes a 1 year warranty against chipping, cracking or peeling.

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Gold chrome skull
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I would absolutely recommend Futurechrome to anyone and everyone.


Put the Finishing Touch on Your Art with a Chrome Finish!

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