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Hydrochrome Spray-on Chrome - So Versatile There's Nothing We Can't Chrome

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Hydrochrome spray-on chrome paint allows you to chrome almost any surface. Plastic, fiberglass, steel, tin, stainless steel, aluminum, metal alloys, ceramic, concrete, tile, wood and so much more. Milwaukee's chroming choices have reached a new level.

Deep Mirror Finish

Whether your looking for a traditional silver chrome finish or something a little more colorful. Now you have choices when it comes to chroming your product. Choose from the candy colors black, blue, gold, red, yellow or a custom chrome color.

Fast and Affordable

Chrome electroplating is time consuming, expensive and damaging to the environment. Our hydrochroming spray-on chrome system allows us to chrome your project in a few days, cost less and is environmentally friendly to the Milwaukee area.

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Spray-on multi-colored chrome football mask

Now You Have a Choice

Spray-on Chrome is Affordable, Fast and Environmentally Friendly

Spray-on chrome can be applied to a wide range of products from hinges, cookware handles, fitness equipment, restaurant and bath accessories to garden tools, transportation, medical, and office equipment just to name a few.

The revolutionary hydrochrome spray-on chrome system applies a beautiful chrome finish to any material. Our unique chroming technology is designed to resist chipping, peeling, or tarnishing.

* Our chroming process includes a 1 year warranty against chipping, cracking or peeling.

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Limitless Possibilities

Retail Displays, Hydrographics, Firearms, Signage, Mobile Phones and Electronics - Thousands More Everyday Items

Spray-on chrome paint has changed the chroming industry filling a huge void. Now products of all shapes and sizes can be chromed. Using the hydrochrome spray-on chrome system Milwaukee's Great Lakes Chroming can meet your chroming needs. The possibilities are endless.

Your product will shine with a beautiful and durable chrome finish. Our spray-on chrome paint is perfect for restoring, repairing or giving new products a custom look. Whatever your chroming needs you'll get a durable and long lasting finish at an affordable price.

* Our chroming process includes a 1 year warranty against chipping, cracking or peeling.

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Chrome motorcycle helmets
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