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What We Do

Great Lakes Chroming uses FutureChrome's hydrochrome spray-on chrome system. Now any part can be chromed. Your no longer limited by the chrome electroplating process. Whether your restoring a classic car, antique furniture, creating a piece of art or have a custom product spray-on chrome is the right choice.

How We Do It

Using a mixture of 98% distilled water and 2% chemical you can be confident your new chrome finish is EPA compliant and environmentally friendly. Our spray-on chrome finish uses silver nitrate chrome for a unique chrome paint. We can create either a traditional chrome or custom colored chrome to your specific needs.

Why Choose Us

Chrome electroplating is expensive, time consuming and can be one of the most environmentally damaging processes during a restoration. By choosing Great Lakes Chroming you'll get a quality chrome job that is quick and affordable. Saving you weeks and can cost half the price of chrome electroplating.

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About Us

Your affordable choice for your chroming needs

Until recently if you wanted to chrome an item your only option was chrome electroplating. Chroming metal items were a breeze. Chroming other materials like plastic, wood, concrete or fiberglass, to name a few, either couldn't be done or was very expensive and time consuming.

Ray and Jim saw a need for an affordable and long lasting solution for the chroming needs of the Milwaukee area and established Great Lakes Chroming.

Ray has a unique understanding of the chroming industry due to 40 years of auto body repair experience in the Milwaukee area. Dealing with everything from chroming bumpers to chroming auto parts for classic car and motorcycle restorations, his understanding of how the chrome electroplating industry works is unmatched by other spray-on chrome businesses.

Ray and Jim looked at the different options available in the spray-on chrome industry and settled on partnering with FutureChrome and their revolutionary hydrochroming spray-on chrome paint system.

Partnering with FutureChrome allows us to improve our service for our customer's at Govanis Auto Body but more importantly serve a larger segment of the Milwaukee and surrounding areas with an affordable new chroming option.

Our goal is to offer the Milwaukee and surrounding area an affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly option for their chroming needs.

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I would absolutely recommend Futurechrome to anyone and everyone.


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