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Silver, Candy Colors Black, Blue, Gold, Red, Yellow or a Custom Chrome Color
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Our Hydrochrome spray-on chrome paint system will give you a bright chrome shine resistant to peeling and tarnishing
BMW blue chrome wheel

Auto RestorationA classic car without shine is just an old car

Chrome adds a beautiful finishing touch to any restoration. Bring your classic car, truck, hot rod or motorcycle back to life with a new shiny chrome finish. We're the only Milwaukee spray-on chrome shop authorized to apply FutureChrome's hydrochrome spray-on chrome paint system.

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Spray-on red chromed vase

Furniture RestorationIs your vintage furniture pitted and rusted?

Restore the original shine to your retro, vintage or antique chrome furniture. Choose traditional silver or one of our candy colors black, blue, gold, red, yellow or a custom chrome color. Great Lakes Chroming in Milwaukee uses the unique hydrochroming spray-on chrome paint system to restore that new chrome gleam at an affordable price.

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Chrome metal carved art

Metal & Custom ArtGet a beautiful chrome finish on your metal or custom art

Are you an artist, fabricator or collector? Do you have a new piece of art or want to restore one of your favorites? Are you looking for a custom chrome color? We can chrome plastic, fiberglass, metal, ceramic, concrete, wood and more. Milwuakee's Great Lakes Chroming will give your art a new silver chrome, candy color or custom color chrome shine.

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Chrome colored football facemasks

Custom ProductsNew chrome finish for less than the cost of chrome electroplating

Milwaukee's Great Lakes Chroming can take any new, vintage or antique product and chrome it with a brand new deep mirror chrome finish. Chrome electroplating is too expensive or not a feasible option. The hydrochrome chrome spray-on paint system will give you a chrome finish that shines over any surface at an affordable price.

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Choose a Traditional Chrome or Custom Colored Chrome Finish

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Applying spray-on chrome truck wheel

About Us

Bringing Spray-On Chrome to Milwaukee

Great Lakes Chroming saw a need for an affordable and long lasting solution to the chroming needs of the Milwaukee area. Chrome electroplating is expensive, time consuming and chromes a limited selection of products. We wanted a solution that would be affordable, fast and allows chroming of a wide variety of products.

Partnering with FutureChrome allows us to provide an affordable, time saving and environmentally friendly option to chrome electroplating. Using the hydrochrome spray-on chrome paint system we can chrome almost any surface with a bright and shiny traditional chrome or custom colored chrome finish.

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